Sunday, January 27, 2008

Browns In The Marina

I have had a number of emails with questions about fishing for Browns in the Sheboygan Marina. Here is something I wrote up a while back to help out. I am sure you can adapt some of this info to other marinas around the state.

As far as browns in the Marina, it is hit or miss, but some of the things I have found to increase my catch ratio is....

On my tip-ups I run 5ft of fluorocarbon as a leader, then a #14 treble,( gold or red work the best) browns are very very line and hook shy so that's why I go so light. I use medium shiners, hooked in the back of the dorsal fin.

I set up my tip-ups from east to west straight across the marina, starting at the docks, then in a straight line to the rock wall. I know the second to last set of docks to the north create a channel between the rock wall. If you can set up in there and run them north to south that works too.

I stagger my depths as well, start with one rig near 1ft off the bottom, and don't be afraid to set one as high as 6ft from the bottom.

Also don't be afraid to move your tip-ups if they don't produce within 1 or 2 hours. Some of my best days have been the days where I stray away from my normal set up and start experimenting.

If you get a flag with a set up like this, don't pick it up right away, let it sit for a couple of minutes. The key is they have to swallow the hook. Then once you have them landed you can cut the line. But you have to play them out using the small line size.

Hope this helps.

If you ever have any other questions go ahead and shoot me an email.

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