Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fishing With Plastics

Plastics are scary....

Plastics don't catch as many fish....

I can tell you fishing with soft plastic tails while ice fishing is not scary, and they can catch more fish if fished correctly.

People have emailed me asking how do I fish with plastics, everyone is different, but below are some things to try and remember when giving scary plastics a try.

Pistol grip your rod- You have better control of movement of your bait. You also have quicker hook sets.

Use your wrist, not your arm- A lot of guys violently jigging away. Use only your wrist to jig the rod up and down. It does not take much to move the plastic tail.

Use a spring bobber- I don't care who makes the best rod, or how much action it provides, it is still to rough for plastics. Attach a spring bobber to the end of the rod, that added movement will give you finesse when jigging with plastics.

Make sure the tail is horizontal- Even on a vertical jig, make sure the tail is at a 45 degree angle. On a horizontal jig feed hook through the tip of the tail until the tail is in line with the hook.

Buy a flasher-The best investment before buying plastics, is buying a flasher (Vexilar) Using a Vexilar to determine where to fish and then how the fish are reacting will be the key to success using plastics.

Good Luck

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