Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fishing with Midwest Outdoors & The Hook-Set Tip-Up

I don't think I can bring a camera crew fishing with me anymore. It seems like its doomed to fail if someone asks me to fish on camera.

Monday was not a good day for brown trout fishing in the marina. at one point we had 15 lines in the water and spread out across the entire place. The fish were just not feeding, if they were we would have had much more action.

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 5:30am
Time finished Fishing: 5:00pm
Weather when started: 27*, SW winds 7-10MPH, Cloudy, Mist
Weather when finished : 30*, NW winds 10MPH, Cloudy
Equipment: 15 Hook-Set Tip-Ups, 25# Mason Tip-Up line, 2ft. 14# Vanish leader, #12 red treble hooks
Bait : Medium Golden Shiners from The Wharf in Sheboygan, WI
# Fish Caught : 1 16" Northern Pike, 1 27" Northern Pike
Notes : Figuring the approaching snow storm would have affected the fish in a positive manner I expected a great day, but with the wind direction in the morning the water clarity was down.

We did have 2 flags very early, in fact the 16" Northern was caught at five minutes after six. The 27" northern was caught on a Hook-Set Tip-Up baited with a large chub, inside the floating docks.

Lots of time spent on the ice that day, we were all hoping for different results.

This is Ben Scherg, inventor of the Hook-Set Tip-Up

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sheboygan Marina Fishing Reports

Saturday February 23rd 2008

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 5:30am
Time finished Fishing: 2:30pm
Weather when started: 6*, NNW winds 7-10MPH, Clear
Weather when finished : 17*, NW winds 6MPH, Clear
Equipment: 2 Frabill Pro-Thermal tip-ups, 1 Automatic Fisherman, 20# Dacron backing line, 4ft of 6# fluorocarbon leader, #16 treble hook
Bait : Medium Golden Shiners from The Wharf in Sheboygan, WI
# Fish Caught : 0
Notes : High pressure made for a very slow day, 3 flags all day.

Sunday February 24th 2008

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 5:30am
Time finished Fishing: 10:00am
Weather when started: 10*, W winds 5MPH, Clear
Weather when finished : 21*, W winds 11MPH, Clear
Equipment: 2 Frabill Pro-Thermal tip-ups, 1 Automatic Fisherman, 20# Dacron backing line, 4ft of 6# fluorocarbon leader, #16 treble hook
Bait : Medium Golden Shiners from The Wharf in Sheboygan, WI
# Fish Caught: 1 27" Brown Trout
1 24" Rainbow Trout

Notes : Fishing was still slow for most in the marina. I caught fish on the 2 flags I had all morning. Fishing will pick up as a snow storm approaches for Monday night.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Date Change

Due to the weather system they are predicting for Tuesday, we will be fishing in the Sheboygan Marina Monday Feb.25th.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fishing with Midwest Outdoors 2-26-08

Tuesday the 26th of February I will be at the Sheboygan Marina fishing for brown trout with Midwest Outdoors and Ben Scherg, inventor of the Hook-Set Tip-Up.

For more information on Midwest Outdoors visit
For more information on Ben and his Hook-Set Tip-Up visit

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fishing Over The Weekend

I had to opportunity to fishing with my Father and Grandfather this past weekend, we avoided getting skunked but it was not a trip to brag about the fishing.

We were using mostly jigging spoons, jig-a-whoppers, Hali Jigs, and pimples, all tipped with minnows or wax worms. Most of the fish came on gold colored spoons with a wax worm.

After 4 hours of fishing we gathered up 8 fish, 6 white bass, and 2 perch. It was nice to get out to a different body of water with my family. We don't get to do that often.

Now Sunday I took off of fishing, the weather was very bad, freezing rain, wind, then snow. But I took off work Monday and enjoyed myself on the marina.

I am going to start using this format for fishing reports.

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 6:30am
Time finished Fishing: 11:30am
Weather when started: 27*, Calm, Cloudy
Weather when finished : 13*, NW winds 15MPH, Cloudy, Snow
Equipment: 3 Frabill Pro-Thermal tip-ups, 20# Dacron backing line, 4ft of 6# fluorocarbon leader, #16 treble hook
Bait : River Shiners from Val's Bait and Tackle in Stockbridge, WI
# Fish Caught : 1 18" Northern Pike
Notes : The pike tripped the flag not even 5 minutes after I had it set up. I had 5 other flags; all took out 3-4ft of line and dropped the bait.

River Shiners are not very resilient, medium golden shiners seem to take a beating better.

All flags came before 10:00am

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winnebago is calling

First off, I am gearing up to move I have been really tied up. Not much fishing being done.

But This weekend I will be venturing on to Winnebago with my Father and Grandfather.

Now that Sturgeon Spearing is over there will be less people out there then expected but many more 6x6 holes that quads and the front end of trucks fit into nicely.


The fishing has slowed a bit, mainly because the large schools have disppersed slightly. It will be a run and gun effort I think. It looks like the tackle box will have to include some pimples and raps, they seem to be the hot ticket as of late.

I will have a full report on fishing and conditions when I return.

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's called fishing, not catching for a reason...

Went out this morning with Dan Small from Outdoor Wisconsin. Fishing for Crappie on Crystal Lake in Sheboygan County. Expectations were high, I had been on fish for the last 3 weeks, 8-9" bluegills, 10-13" crappies even the occasional largemouth bass would appear on the end on the line.

I had all the lines rigged, ready for us to fill the day with a bounty of fish, the top of the line soft plastic tails, Little Atom Wedgees, and Optic Jigs set to tantalize.

Now the thought crossed my mind that because we were doing TV that it would be a bad day of fishing, but everyone around didn't think so, they had faith that I could catch fish, in fact most had more faith then me in that regard. Come to think of it, how do they know? Most of them don't even fish!

We ventured out, a beautiful morning, temps in the upper teens, a brisk north east wind, the kind of day your glad you took off work to go ice fishing. There was the ever nagging fact though, a snow storm had just hit us last night, dumping a couple of inches of snow, the barometer was doing all kinds of crazy stuff, and that brisk north east wind? Yeah, north east, not great for fishing, winter or summer.

As the drilling of holes commences I notice something out of place in my sled, a spot void of a crucial tool, a true cause for concern, I forgot the ice scoop at home. Oh boy. Time to find a make shift ice scoop cause our hands would not last long dipping into the wintry water.

Problem solved, the cap to the ice auger blades, that should do the trick. Time to fish.

Now I don't care how pessimistic one may be, the first time you drop your bait down the hole while ice fishing your anticipating the mother of all fish to be the first one enticed by your delectable treat.

I was no different, though after the initial drop, I noticed we may have to work a bit harder then in days past to find fish, drill a few more holes, and maybe even change our presentation.

After getting all the TV introduction out of the way, I wondered from hole to hole looking, searching, scouring the ice for the fish that I had caught only days before. Knowing full well that they were still in the lake, and there is even a good chance they were hungry.

Wow, these fish are....Finally! Fish On!!! You know that feeling you get, your heart racing, your judging the size of the fish long before you see it? Your never reasonable about it, its one of two things, "Ahh, this one is small." Or "Ooo, this is a good fish!" Never an in between, you know something like "Yeah this one feels like the other ten 8" crappies felt like." Well needless to say, it was small, 4" in fact. Not the fish I had grown accustomed to finding in "my spot."

Oh well, it will have to do, this is TV time so any fish is a good fish.

Nearly 3 hours went by, hopping from hole to hole looking for anything bigger then a Fish-O-Fillet sandwich, something I could be proud of, something that will lift the spirit of everyone involved.....

Such was not the case this day, when all said and done 4 small fish, one "ok" TV segment, 2 very cold TV crew members, a straight forward TV host, and a very disappointed and humbled me.

I thought I could do it, I thought I knew how to catch those fish, they stood no chance against me. I guess that is why they call it fishing, it may be boring if all you did was catch, but I will say this, it would have made for a much more exciting TV segment.