Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fishing Over The Weekend

I had to opportunity to fishing with my Father and Grandfather this past weekend, we avoided getting skunked but it was not a trip to brag about the fishing.

We were using mostly jigging spoons, jig-a-whoppers, Hali Jigs, and pimples, all tipped with minnows or wax worms. Most of the fish came on gold colored spoons with a wax worm.

After 4 hours of fishing we gathered up 8 fish, 6 white bass, and 2 perch. It was nice to get out to a different body of water with my family. We don't get to do that often.

Now Sunday I took off of fishing, the weather was very bad, freezing rain, wind, then snow. But I took off work Monday and enjoyed myself on the marina.

I am going to start using this format for fishing reports.

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 6:30am
Time finished Fishing: 11:30am
Weather when started: 27*, Calm, Cloudy
Weather when finished : 13*, NW winds 15MPH, Cloudy, Snow
Equipment: 3 Frabill Pro-Thermal tip-ups, 20# Dacron backing line, 4ft of 6# fluorocarbon leader, #16 treble hook
Bait : River Shiners from Val's Bait and Tackle in Stockbridge, WI
# Fish Caught : 1 18" Northern Pike
Notes : The pike tripped the flag not even 5 minutes after I had it set up. I had 5 other flags; all took out 3-4ft of line and dropped the bait.

River Shiners are not very resilient, medium golden shiners seem to take a beating better.

All flags came before 10:00am

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