Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fishing with Midwest Outdoors & The Hook-Set Tip-Up

I don't think I can bring a camera crew fishing with me anymore. It seems like its doomed to fail if someone asks me to fish on camera.

Monday was not a good day for brown trout fishing in the marina. at one point we had 15 lines in the water and spread out across the entire place. The fish were just not feeding, if they were we would have had much more action.

Place : Sheboygan Marina
Time started fishing: 5:30am
Time finished Fishing: 5:00pm
Weather when started: 27*, SW winds 7-10MPH, Cloudy, Mist
Weather when finished : 30*, NW winds 10MPH, Cloudy
Equipment: 15 Hook-Set Tip-Ups, 25# Mason Tip-Up line, 2ft. 14# Vanish leader, #12 red treble hooks
Bait : Medium Golden Shiners from The Wharf in Sheboygan, WI
# Fish Caught : 1 16" Northern Pike, 1 27" Northern Pike
Notes : Figuring the approaching snow storm would have affected the fish in a positive manner I expected a great day, but with the wind direction in the morning the water clarity was down.

We did have 2 flags very early, in fact the 16" Northern was caught at five minutes after six. The 27" northern was caught on a Hook-Set Tip-Up baited with a large chub, inside the floating docks.

Lots of time spent on the ice that day, we were all hoping for different results.

This is Ben Scherg, inventor of the Hook-Set Tip-Up

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