Thursday, September 30, 2010

Looking The Part

Ice fishing is a gadget sport, somewhat by necessity, but gadget sport nonetheless. These gadgets that have come to the foreground of the sport are what keeps driving more and more new anglers to seek its excitement.

Cold weather gear is nothing new, millions of sportsmen take to the woods in late fall wearing heavy parkas, insulated pants, and thermal underwear. All will keep you warm, few will keep you dry, even while deer hunting. Those same outfits were used for winter recreation on the ice as well, the problem, not waterproof, and many times not warm enough.

The major players in the Ice fishing industry have taken notice and in the last few years the amount of clothing directly marketed to the ice fisherman is substantial.

Clam Corp, known for the first "Flip" or Clam" style ice shelters introduced a line of clothing in 2003. Ice Armor was instantly the industry standard ice fisherman now had a way to stay 100% dry and stay comfortable while being in the elements. Thought of as a ice shelter you wear the Clam "Blue Suit" is the most popular ice fishing suit on the market still today. The 2010-2011 season brings new colors to the Clam Corp's Ice Armor line up, as well as an array of other ice fishing specific clothing including new boots, gloves, bibs and parkas.

Ice Armor "Blue Suit"
HT Enterprises has introduced a suit of their own for the 2010-2011 ice fishing season, Polar Fire will be available to ice anglers in late 2010. Warmth up to -60 and featuring a reflective strip visible for up to a mile away for safety.
 HT Enterprises "Polar Fire"

There are many companies that market ice fishing specific clothing every season. Get to a retailer and try some on yourself. If you see folks wearing some, ask them about it. Find out all you can about the equipment you arm yourself with and purchase with confidence.

Monday, September 20, 2010


1/2 of my plastic tackle box
I sit here tonight staring at my box of ice fishing plastics, deciding what should be added to the box. Looking at the color choices I have, wishing I had a bigger box as well. I have also noticed there are many different brands of plastics in this box, Lindy, Little Atom, Custom Jigs and Spin, even some Northland.

I really start to wish I wrote a journal over the last few years, chronicling my successful days, that I think would make the decisions of what plastics to buy much easier.

At the end of last season the Custom Jigs and Spins "Finesse Plastic" #10/ Chartreuse worked really well for some nice crappies on a lake in upper WI.

One point mid/late season on a small lake in Sheboygan county rigging a Bubble Gum Little Atom "Wedgee" worked by just letting it sit motionless inches below the ice.

Yet early in the season a Northland Tackle "Bro Bug-Bloodworm" had to be aggressively jigged six inches off the bottom in 20 feet of water on another lake in Sheboygan County.

So many choices and decisions to make. Lol.

 Top- Little Atom "Teaser Tail", Bottom- Little Atom "Wedgee"

I do have my tried and true, go to, almost never lets me down (at least for a bite) which is the Little Atom "Wedgee" in Motor Oil. That is a standard in my box all season. The "Teaser Tail" worked well after I had stumbled upon it as well about half way through the season.

 Exploration is the key to success in ice fishing, and plastics, with their wide rage of colors and sizes and the durability of most, will make anyone using them happy.

Impatiently waiting for ice.......

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


AGLOW is an acronym for Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, of which I am a member of, for my work with the radio show. This week was the annual conference which I was unable to attend.

Every year they award members for their excellence in their specific class, photography, writing, TV, radio etc. Every year Dan and I enter the radio class with different segments from the past year.

This year I was awarded a 1st place in the Radio: Hunting category and a 2nd place in Radio: Fishing.

It is a great honor to receive these awards a be recognized by my peers. Dan Small has provided me with a great opportunity to realize and follow a passion and I thank him as well.

For more information about AGLOW please visit their website

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outdoors Radio now on!

I am thrilled to announce that every week along with broadcasting on 11 different radio stations around the Mid-west and several other on-line locations is another place you can listen to the radio show that Dan Small and I do every week.

Listen to the show in its entirety or feel free to skip around using the player in the upper left hand corner.

Enjoy the show and thanks for visiting!