Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Toys

As the season gets closer the prep work gets more intense.

This week I attached a front and rear rack basket on the atv, received a new Jiffy auger, purchased a lake map system for the GPS and finished assembling my new Clam Fish Trap Pro TC.

Lots of things yet to get ready before the NAIFC Championship December 17-19th.

Sponsorship searching is wrapping up and we have received GREAT support from the sponsors we currently have.

Truly, I have to take time and thank HT Enterprises, The Automatic Fisherman, Pemco Inc, and Clam Corp. They have all been awesome!

We have some great new products that Adam Schumacher, my tournament partner, and I will showcase on the ice throughout the season as well as attending a couple of stores and shows to help promotions.

Bring on the Ice!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good News!

This morning as I prepared myself for break I decided to check my phone for emails I may have received in the early morning. This morning I found this email waiting for me.....


You and Your partner qualified and are invited to compete in the 2010 NAIFC Championship in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, December, 17-19 2010.   Your Quest for the 2010 NAIFC Championship Rings and share of the estimated $20,000.00 purse continues with the return of your 2010 NAIFC Championship Commitment Letter. 

The Mandatory Rules Meeting will be held in Rhinelander on the evening of Friday December 17th, 2010 at the Taj Bar & Grill/Northwood.  The Championship is a two-day-total-weight tournament: Day-One’s competition (December 18th) will be held on Lake Thompson.  Day-Two’s competition (December 19th) will be held on Lake George.  Hours of competition on both days will be between 8:00 am -2:00 p.m., with 8 crappies and 8 sunfish per day the targeted species.

It was certainly a double take situation.

Adam and I had a great time fishing the qualifier at Delavan Lake last season but did not finish well enough to fish the championship, but the rules for the championship state that you MUST FISH WITH YOUR QUALIFYING PARTNER. Fact of the matter there are a lot of teams that do not stay together every year, so we were bumped up in the ranks and invited to fish!

Love it! Gonna need things together a bit earlier than planned but its a good thing.

Bring on the ice!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are we there yet?

After another night of sitting in a tree stand and not seeing a deer I can't help but think about the upcoming ice season.

HT Enterprises and I will be working much closer together this year, that is going to be a great relationship. They will also be helping out with a sponsor for the NAIFC events.
I have teamed up with Vexilar and Clam Corp as well to help promote the brands and to answer questions folks may have about product.

The NAIFC season looks to be a busy one in the sense of traveling. I do wish I could make it to all events but making the swing from Michigan to Minnesota one weekend after the next will be exhausting, fun, but exhausting.

The Automatic Fisherman is giving us a hand this year again with a tournament sponsor, make sure you check this thing out! It really works! Great for drag and drop prone fish!

This weekend I will be with "my people". The type of people that have been planning their first ice fishing outing since the forth of July. Can not wait. The information for the event is listed in the previous blog post.

Monday, October 4, 2010

USA Ice Team Fundraiser

Please come support the good ol USA!! These guys are the best ice fisherman in the world and Team USA holds the world title right now.

$7.00 for a great dinner! Come join the fun

USA Ice Team Fundraiser