Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are we there yet?

After another night of sitting in a tree stand and not seeing a deer I can't help but think about the upcoming ice season.

HT Enterprises and I will be working much closer together this year, that is going to be a great relationship. They will also be helping out with a sponsor for the NAIFC events.
I have teamed up with Vexilar and Clam Corp as well to help promote the brands and to answer questions folks may have about product.

The NAIFC season looks to be a busy one in the sense of traveling. I do wish I could make it to all events but making the swing from Michigan to Minnesota one weekend after the next will be exhausting, fun, but exhausting.

The Automatic Fisherman is giving us a hand this year again with a tournament sponsor, make sure you check this thing out! It really works! Great for drag and drop prone fish!

This weekend I will be with "my people". The type of people that have been planning their first ice fishing outing since the forth of July. Can not wait. The information for the event is listed in the previous blog post.

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