Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fishing Line

I have to be honest here, I feel I don't know much about fishing line. There are so Many choices lined up on the racks at bait shops and sporting goods stores. Hi-Vis, Lo-Vis, Mono, fluoro, braided, the list goes on and on.

I choose my line based on what I have used in years past and by the diameter of the line. If I can get a larger pound test with a smaller diameter then I am happy.

The last number of years I have had a rod with 1# FireLine Mirco Ice Fused. Its a superline and is tough as nails, there is one draw back, you must use a heavier presentation to get the line to straighten 100%. It kinks a little bit as you work with it and that is the only way to get it to straighten out.

I use Vanish 2# Fluorocarbon every year as well. Fluorocarbon sinks, when using super light jigs you want any help you can get dropping them back down to fish. Vanish stays limp in cold weather and again it is super tough.

This year I set out to the local sporting goods store and "tested" a number of spools of line from various companies. Wrapping line around each index finger and pulling apart till it broke, tying on a jig that had "fallen" out of the box and again pulling until it broke. All this silly testing did yield a few results.

I have decided to go with Sufix Ice Magic 3# test Mono. It held up extremely well to both the pull test and the knot test and the diameter is that of others 2# Mono.

Like I stated I don't know a lot about line, I use what works, I use what I have used, but one thing I will always do is get new line every season, yep, even the weekend warrior should too.

The new lines are in the stores now, get out and do your own test and bring on the ice!

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