Monday, December 20, 2010

NAIFC Championships

The results are in.... Our first championship was what I would call a success!

With a total weight of 7.71 pounds team #711 placed 30th overall. And with a big fish of 1.55lbs we took home the BIG FISH award for the weekend.

With very little pre-fishing done on Friday only we did not feel all that confident about our chances. But we are a positive team for the most part, we are willing to do some dirty work to find fish, not afraid to move at all.

On day 1 we found ourselves headed the to the complete opposite side of the lake from everyone else but one other team, looking to score on some crappies that I had found the day before. Now I had not found many, and most of the fish I did catch were little perch but I figured away from the crowd would be a good place to start. Once we started to fish we found it to be a very tough bite. The first fish of the day was a small perch but soon after that we found some bluegills, very tiny bluegills, like we are talking the size of your mouse bluegills, but they are one of the species we needed to register so in the bucket they went. We fished there for half the morning until we had our 8 we needed to register and we decided to move to find crappies. That was tough! We drilled many holes looking for any active fish, any sign of fish wanting to feed. We struggled for a while, Adam did get one in a spot we took a gamble on but we needed to find more and we were running out of time. We made one more move to an area we had seen people fishing all day, figuring the last hour of the day we had to gamble. It paid off. We found ourselves on the outside of folks, 20 yards or so away. Drilled our holes and within minutes we had crappies. We even found a little better gill, but still not a size I would even bother to keep while fun fishing. Within the last 20 minutes of the day we had our last fish we needed, we quickly marked our big fish and headed for the launch to weigh in. The end of day one found us with a weight of 2.55lbs of fish and in 40th place out of 57.

Day 2 begins with much anxiousness and anticipation. The lake we needed to fish was rumored to have nearly 2# crappies! Thats a monster! But we needed to find them in order to stay in the hunt for the championship. We found the spot we wanted to fish quickly and as we drilled the first holes the auger Adam was using started to leak gas very badly everywhere. So we quit using it for the day. Being down an auger is a bummer cause we normally can drill a ton of holes in a hurry and start to troll, but with one auger its much slower. We caught no fish in the first spot of the day. We decided to move about 200 yards and try again, as I pull the cord on my new auger the pull cord handle shatters, literally shatters into pieces on the ground, thinking immediately that we are now without a power auger I stare at my drill for just a split second. Fortunately there is still a nub from the handle to grab onto and start the auger. This is all with in the first hour of the day. Day 2 was tough to say the least, with multiple moves all over the lake we did not have a fish until almost noon when we moved to the outskirts of a large crowd. I drilled many holes and Adam began to fish, it was not long till he hooked up with his first fish. As he gets the fish to the top of the hole he leans over to move his Vexilar and falls over kicking slush into the hole and causing the hook to pop out of the fishes mouth. Needless to say he was not happy for a very short time. Once he up-righted himself he scooped out the slush and noticed the tail of the fish still in the hole! He still had the fish!! So in the bucket it goes, a nice crappie. We get on a bit of a roll at this point, catching a fish every 10 minutes or so. Then it happened, my fish story, the thing you look forward to when fishing anytime but especially when fishing a tourney, I hook up with a monster. I knew it to, as soon as I set the hook I could tell it was a good fish, a big fish. In fact when I did get it out of the hole another team commented on how nice of a fish it was, thats when you know its a good fish. We stayed in that area for the rest of the day, only making a small move to find crappies we could upgrade. Day 2 finished up with 8 crappies and one bluegill, one junk auger, and a broken handle on the other auger, and Adam lost his ice skimmer down a hole.

We had a great time, and can not wait to start the 2011 season over in Ludington , MI. This so much fun and the NAIFC is a great organization to be apart of. The fellow competitors are a great bunch and you can learn so much in a very short period of time. This is an absolute rush, and the quest for the 2011 championship begins soon!

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