Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aqua-Vu Micro Video

Jiffy Ice Drills "4G" Model 41 Video

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NEW 2011-2012 Ice Fishing Gear from HT Enterprises!

The ice fishing industry is always changing, it is so gadget driven, such a "whats new" mentality that it has chewed up and spit out many many companies. Few remain steadfast, willing to take chances and introduce new gear every year.

HT Enterprises has developed and enhanced many of the ice fishing tools used throughout the world. This year they have worked with companies from around the world to produce some remarkably high quality equipment for the up coming season. HT's Polar Fire brand exploded onto the scene last season and they have taken the line even further, a re designed suit now matches other items offered by HT. 

POLAR FIRE premium ice gear is a brand-new, superior line-up of high end, premium ice product developed by HT ENTERPRISES, INC. One of the POLAR FIRE introductory products is the POLAR FIRE BUCKET SEAT. This heavy duty, extra large seat with back rest fits conveniently atop any five or six gallon bucket. Features include a large padded seat base and fully adjustable, ratchet style back rest that also folds flat for storage! Each POLAR FIRE BUCKET SEAT includes a handy carry case for convenient transport and storage.

Another product HT Enterprises Inc,  is releasing this season is the Ice Stopper in cooperation with Cansport Recreation. HT now offers a system to freeze-proof your lines! Designed for use with tip-downs, wind tip-ups, ice riggers or anyone jigging outside in brutal cold—anywhere your line is exposed to freezing--the ice stopper eliminates frozen lines. Just slip the ice stopper on your line, fill with the non-toxic ice stopper solution, and let it float in the hole. Your line will flow freely from the spool into the water, without ever freezing, and thesolution treats your line so it won’t freeze above water--meaning ice won’t form within rod guides, either.

Those who purchased an Automatic Fisherman last season were introduced to this revolutionary invention. A legal way to prevent your exposed Tip-Up or Tip-Down line from freezing. I use the Ice Stopper laste year and I have to say it was exactly what was needed. 

There is so much more that HT is offering this season and I will post more soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NEW Jiffy Ice Drills 4G!!

4G Technology on ice! Kind of.

It is certainly not the same 4G we expect on our phones, but certainly is the 4-stroke performance serious ice anglers expect on the ice.

The Jiffy Model 41 4G 4-stroke gasoline fueled ice drill is new for the 2011-2012 season. It features a similar EZ start system as the the Pro4 Propane fueled drill introduced last year. No mixing gas, plus no smoke, plus QUIET! Not even kidding, I ran the Pro4 last season and at full throttle is was half the decibels its 2-stroke counterparts recorded.

Its an ease of use thing, you carry gas for your quad, or snowmobile, why have a separate mixed can of fuel for the auger.

No power problems here. Being the same motor on the 4G as the Pro4 I can tell you it has the power for any size auger and any ice depth. We drilled a lot of holes last season and no matter the conditions the 4-stroke OHV engine performed great.

Look for more videos and info here as more is released!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coming This Winter Season!!

The begining of August is not the "normal" time of the year most think about ice fishing. There are a few of us nuts out there that never actually STOP thinking about ice fishing. But every year at this time I like to find the new products that will be available this winter. This year there is no shortage of great equipment to put on the wish list!

Aqua-Vu has the new "Micro" camera along with a rejuvenated product line carrying on a tradition of excellence. The Aqua-Vu Micro looks to be the sweetest little tech gadget on ice, and I do mean little. The the whole screen and main controls of the camera are no bigger then you average smart phone. With 50ft of  22# test camera cord and a camera sized just about the same size as a teaspoon this will be the most portable way to find your weed lines, cribs and to check out bottom composition. And with a retail price or right around $300 bucks, its not a break the bank investment for something you can store in your pocket and use to scout at the drop of a hat..or auger blade.

Here is a you tube video showing some of what the Aqua-Vu Micro camera can do.

Keep your eyes open for the Aqua-Vu "Micro" coming to a retail store this fall.

Here is one more video, Now I have been desperate to try out my equipment before but this takes the cake!