Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coming This Winter Season!!

The begining of August is not the "normal" time of the year most think about ice fishing. There are a few of us nuts out there that never actually STOP thinking about ice fishing. But every year at this time I like to find the new products that will be available this winter. This year there is no shortage of great equipment to put on the wish list!

Aqua-Vu has the new "Micro" camera along with a rejuvenated product line carrying on a tradition of excellence. The Aqua-Vu Micro looks to be the sweetest little tech gadget on ice, and I do mean little. The the whole screen and main controls of the camera are no bigger then you average smart phone. With 50ft of  22# test camera cord and a camera sized just about the same size as a teaspoon this will be the most portable way to find your weed lines, cribs and to check out bottom composition. And with a retail price or right around $300 bucks, its not a break the bank investment for something you can store in your pocket and use to scout at the drop of a hat..or auger blade.

Here is a you tube video showing some of what the Aqua-Vu Micro camera can do.

Keep your eyes open for the Aqua-Vu "Micro" coming to a retail store this fall.

Here is one more video, Now I have been desperate to try out my equipment before but this takes the cake!

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