Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NEW Jiffy Ice Drills 4G!!

4G Technology on ice! Kind of.

It is certainly not the same 4G we expect on our phones, but certainly is the 4-stroke performance serious ice anglers expect on the ice.

The Jiffy Model 41 4G 4-stroke gasoline fueled ice drill is new for the 2011-2012 season. It features a similar EZ start system as the the Pro4 Propane fueled drill introduced last year. No mixing gas, plus no smoke, plus QUIET! Not even kidding, I ran the Pro4 last season and at full throttle is was half the decibels its 2-stroke counterparts recorded.

Its an ease of use thing, you carry gas for your quad, or snowmobile, why have a separate mixed can of fuel for the auger.

No power problems here. Being the same motor on the 4G as the Pro4 I can tell you it has the power for any size auger and any ice depth. We drilled a lot of holes last season and no matter the conditions the 4-stroke OHV engine performed great.

Look for more videos and info here as more is released!


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