Monday, October 17, 2011

Gear Review/Preview- Aqua-Vu "Micro" Underwater Camera

While every company in the ice fishing industry is looking for the next big thing most overlook some obvious issues consumers have with products. Many times that issue is the same, ease of use. When it comes to underwater cameras, it’s no different, many companies want the latest technology, for clarity and screen size but forget about an issue that has plagued underwater camera users since the beginning, portability.

Aqua-Vu, known as the “Original” underwater camera, has created what I think will be the next big thing in cameras used for ice fishing, the Aqua-Vu “Micro”. The “Micro” has a screen size as big as your smart phone, 50ft of 22# test cable, a camera the physical size of chestnut and IR LEDs. The “Micro” is a mobile ice fishermen’s new best friend because the entire unit fits into your jacket pocket.
I have used it in the open water of the local river, which is not easy to see through, the LEDs powered through the muck and I could see roughly 3 ft from the camera. In the clear water of the small lakes I frequent, I could see as far as the eye. This will absolutely change how I fish. I enjoy using electronics to ice fish, every advantage I can get I will take. This small easy to use camera will certainly be helpful. The battery life is another impressive feature, I have used it on 4 trips, total amount of time the unit has been on has far exceeded 3 hours and the battery still has over half life. Of course a true test of battery is in the cold, but it so far looks like it will have great stamina.

Aqua-Vu has redesigned most of their cameras for this upcoming season. Listening to the fishermen, taking advise and making the necessary changes to fit into the industry better. Some of Aqua-Vu’s cameras this season will even feature levels of zoom as well as HD quality picture. Check out Aqua-Vu’s new lineup at and watch for the new cameras to arrive in stores soon. The Aqua-Vu “Micro” is available now  in most major retailers and online.

I had wrote a post earlier this year before I received the Micro, there are videos of the unit in action HERE.

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