Friday, October 7, 2011

Tungsten Is The New Black

What a difference a summer makes. This time last year, folks in the ice fishing “know” were talking about tungsten jigs, discussing the few companies that made them and the limited selection. This upcoming season will breathe new life to the tungsten ice jig conversation. We will be blessed with a couple major companies releasing new tungsten jigs for customers.

Northland Fishing Tackle has released the Northland Hard-Rock jigs. These jigs will feature the shape a designs of the popular Bro Bug collection. The colors look to be more of the Vegas jigs color selection. With the introduction of these jigs Northland has begun to set itself up to have a banner year in sales. USA Ice Team member and former North American Ice Fishing Circuit champion Tony Boshold has promoted Northland for years and is super excited to introduce these jigs.

HT Enterprises has teamed up with a company in Latvia to bring you a tungsten Marmooska. These will be one of the hottest jigs on the market this winter. With the classic Marmooska design and a respectable amount of color patterns this tungsten jig will be filling many slots in my jig box.  I have photos and will be doing a full review soon about HT’s tungsten jigs at
HT Enterprises Tungsten Marmooska

Fiskas have been in the market for quite some time, has been one of the few places to purchase Fiskas. They are great jigs, I have many and I even have a go-to Fiska, 3mm School Bus, great jig! With a good selection of epoxy, painted and unpainted, Fiskas will continue to be a solid choice of tungsten jigs. offers some tungsten jigs and based on what I know of Sportsmen’s Direct and the products they offer, I am certain these are high quality. The proprietor of Sportsmen’s Direct, John Bacarella,  is one of the nation’s best competitive ice fishermen, and does not settle for poor quality, and would not stand to pass it on to his customers.

Skandia is another company that has been around for a few years, with a growing size and color selection and available in many of the small retail shops they have a good following. I do not own many Skandia jigs but when the opportunity arises I will purchase more. NAIFC team “Hardwater Maniacs” swear by the Skandia jigs and would have a better selection of information for you to check out at

Bentley Fishing USA seems to be an intriguing company that has a limited selection. You may purchase their jigs online, but only in packs of 6 or more. They seem like they would be very high quality jig, but without having personally used them, I could not give a fair assessment.

Tungsten IS the present and future of ice fishing, explore the companies listed, and do your homework. Good luck fishing!

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Hard Water Maniacs! said...

Hey Jeff! Thanks for the link. Skandia is one of a few tungsten manufacturers that is owned by K&E Stopper Lures out of Hastings, MI. They offer high quality tungsten jigs at a lower price than many other competitors. Having a wide variety of popular color schemes and recently adding 6 new colors to the line up including 4 new glow colors in sizes all the way down to a #16. Skandia tungsten jigs can be purchased through as well as products from their other popular tackle companies such as DOT, Arnold, Carlisle, LAVA, and Sitka.