Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Outdoors Radio with Dan Small (Nov.2-10th)

Watch Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2011 Nov. 3 on Public TV and Nov. 10 on the Fox Sports Network. The rut is on, and you can score on a buck. Rechargeable light for outdoor activities and emergencies. Lots to do in Mercer this fall and winter. Jeff rattles in a nice buck. 

Special guests: Exclusive to podcast and FM 100.5 ESPN broadcast: Gene Dellinger, proprietor of D&S Bait on Northport Drive in Madison, reports turnover is complete and anglers are catching muskies and walleyes on the Madison chain. ( Ron Bice, communications director for Wildlife Research Center, shares some tips for bowhunting big bucks during the rut using Special Golden Estrus deer scent. ( Steve Nagel, inventor of the Paqlite, explains the technology behind this innovative light and its many applications for outdoorsmen. ( Vic Ouimette, president of the Mercer, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, reports on the great fall hunting and winter sports activities in the Mercer area. ( To enter this weeks drawing for a Supercharged Scent Killer Combo Pack from Wildlife Research (, call 414-297-7554 and leave your name and telephone number, or email

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