Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Fishing '12

For the 5th year in a row, I had a chance to go ice fishing on Christmas day. Although I did not catch "the big one" I did as usual have some fun.

Christmas Eve day a friend of mine and I ventured out to find ice, we ended up in Fremont, on a community hole in front of Larry and Jan's Resort. Depth was 5-7 feet of water, with lots of pan fish to be had. It worked out well to drill many holes, if you found a standing weed under the hole, you could have some good action. The fish seemed to stack up right next to the sparse weeds. We caught bluegill, perch, crappie, rock bass, largemouth and even a pike. Gold was a good jig color with a mix of both bright colored plastics (bright orange and bubblegum GoJo's from J and S Custom Jigs and Plastics) as well as dark colored. (Dark Green Gojos)

It seemed like hole hopping and picking off one or two fish a hole was the most productive. After catching the first couple fish out of the hole, the others were not as aggressive. Moving to a different hole(s) then coming back around after a while seemed to produce fish quickly.

Christmas Day I got out closer to home, Sheboygan Falls near the Sheboygan River. The small lagoon I was in has a large variety of fish available to catch, many of which run on the small side, but nonetheless, it was great to get out.

Once again, I drilled many holes, looking for active fish. As I would check the holes with the sonar, if I noticed marks there were elevated/separated from the bottom I would fish the hole. The suspended marks were generally the more active fish. I followed this pattern all morning. I would not fish a hole if I did not already mark a fish as it seemed you could not call active fish to a hole, they had to already be there. It again was the case of catching one or maybe two fish per hole, then moving to the next. There were fish in many holes, I caught enough "keeper" sized fish to make a meal, but was not keeping any fish.

The rig I was using was called a Michigan rig. I had a light ice fly tied to my line about 8" up from my jig. I tipped my jig with a red Ice Mite Jr. from J and S custom Jigs and Plastics. The fly I did not tip with anything. The reason I fished with the Michigan rig is because often Crappies would come in suspended, this allowed me to fish a little more of the water column because the depth was only 4.5-5' deep. I caught bluegills, crappies and even a largemouth.

Good luck fishing! If you have questions about baits of rigs, contact me at

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