Thursday, November 6, 2014



TJ Grodecki said...

My lasting ice fishing menory is being pasked beside an eight foot heave in the ice and pulling out jumbo perch with my buddy J. Every year we take of the last week of March and close out the season with a weekc of ice fishing on Last Mountain Lake near Regina,Saskatchewan. Big walleye, burbot and pearch make up our 12 hours days. We punch up to 100 holes a day in 3 feet of ice, drive hundres of miles a day in serch of the big one. Ill never forget or give me up, Good times.

Mark Havlik said...

February -8 3' ice. A flag and a nice 36" northern. Kept the fish to final show my wife I realy was fishing. Walking back I turned and my flag was up. I got near the hole and saw my Beaver Dam spinning like mad. I immediatly set the hook this fish had shoulders. I finaly got his head up to my Jiffy Propane Ice drills hole, my eyes widened. His head was longer than my hole diameter. I could not get him to look up and began to lightly banged his head on the bottom of the ice. The fight resumed. Several attempts of the same stratagy. I finally got him to move into the hole He filled. I grabbed his gill with my hand. I could not clear him from the hole. I had to step back to get this 43 1/2" 22 1/2# Northern clear of the hole. When I first saw him I could not beleive what I just did. He was bigger than my leg. My blood was everywhere. The fish took 3 years to find, fishing only northern. He will be on my wall.