Friday, December 12, 2014

Great Morning On The Ice

When I wake up with the day off and to do nothing but ice fish, I always hope it turns out to be a day like I had this morning. It originally started last spring when my girlfriend and I went out looking for crappies on a lake I regularly fish. I had plenty of places I wanted to try, and eventually we found a couple really good areas that produced some good fish. So this morning I decided to see if any fish were still in these same new spots. Lets put it this way, I only had a chance to checked one spot because this one was the money spot.

This particular lake has a very well known stump field that just gets pounded by the locals. When you find a spot away from the crowds that has fish they normally have no problem biting. This spot was a little different though; these fish didn't exactly jump out of the holes. I normally carry a case full of rods. By the time I used half of them trying to get bit, I realized I would need to step back and come up with a new plan. I took a break from jigging and really wanted to make a move because I knew I could go into the crowds and catch a few fish.

After deciding I would stick it out, I grabbed my Aqua-Vu Micro and checked out what was down there. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the size of the fish that were there. They were just not interested in anything I was using. I reached into my spoon box and grabbed out the smallest spoon I own. The Little Cecil is a tiny spoon that weights literally nothing compared to the tungsten jigs I usually use. My first drop down the hole after switching was amazing. It was like someone turned on a switch and made every fish hungry.

I sat in a spot the size of my living room for three hours hooking fish one after another. I couldn't find a reason and can't explain why these fish were still there. There were no weeds, no wood, literally nothing to hold these fish there. Did I put in time scouting? Yes. However, I also got lucky that there were fish here and I decided to stick it out. If it wasn't for my Aqua-Vu I never would have. My tip to everyone reading this is - never be afraid to leave the crowds, and also some summer spots can be just as good in the winter. Always keep an open mind.

Tight Lines All,

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