Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How I decide what to buy: Jigs

It seems that I see new colors and styles of jig every day. Glow, stripes, natural colors, metallic, horizontal, vertical...the choices are endless. So what kind of approach should one take?

First, I take stock of what I have. At this point in my career, I have most of the bases covered, at least in one example. But that's the first step, try to cover all the bases. Sometimes fish want horizontal or vertical, glow or not, bright paint or natural. From here, you figure out what your confidence baits are. Stock up on those as you are more likely to lose them.

My go to jig styles are horizontal tungsten jigs, in either the teardrop style or the round ball style. I like the teardrop for bait and compact plastics and the round ball style for elongated plastics, such as the J&S Ice Mite.

Color can be very tricky. So many choices. Glow or not? Honestly, most of my fishing is done with metallic colors, either gold or silver. These colors appear very natural under water and match a variety of colors of baits and plastics well. They are relative neutrals who appear darker or lighter depending on water conditions. I have a lot of confidence in them and feel it makes my choices easier.

So, first step, try and cover all your bases. Buy a variety of styles of jig in a variety of colors. One you find your confidence baits, stock up on styles similar to that. You are more apt to fish your confidence bait, so get it in sizes to fit most applications. The more confidence you have, the better you will fish.

Where to get jigs? Check out Rhyno Tackle for some nice custom painted lead and tungsten jigs located here in WI.
I also really like the Heavy Metal jigs from Sportsmens Direct A wide variety of metallic and custom paint colors here in a few styles. And the HT Enterprises Tungsten Marmooskas are top quality jigs as well!


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