Meet the Crew!

Jeff Kelm is the Co-Host and Editor for the award winning show Outdoors Radio with Dan Small, he is a member of The Outdoors Writers of America Association (OWAA), Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) and Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association (WOCA). Jeff hosts segments for Outdoor Wisconsin Television, the longest running program in Milwaukee public television history. He has been featured on television shows and in publications across the upper Midwest. Jeff currently works with many companies showcasing ice fishing products, you can find those companies below. Jeff is a 2-time North American Ice Fishing Circuit "Big Fish" award winner and member of the 2012, 2013 and 2016 USA Ice Team. Together with Wayne Gstohl as partner Jeff won the NAIFC Lake Menomin tournament in March of 2015.

The Wisconsin River is home to many great species of fish, it’s also home to angler Wayne Gstohl. Wayne lives in Wausau, Wisconsin and has been fishing the Wisconsin River system since he was five years old. Wayne has shown that he knows his way around a frozen body of water, he began fishing competitively in 2010, and has had a top ten tournament finish in each and every season, culminating in a fifth place finish at the 2013 North American Ice Fishing Circuit Championship on Mille Lacs Lake in Isle, MN. Wayne is always trying to make the sport, equipment, and the environment better, whether it's assisting with kids fishing events, picking up trash along the river, or testing out some of the newest products, you can be sure Wayne always up to something related to fishing.

A big guy who loves BIG pan fish, Adam "Shoey" Schumacher hails from Sheboyagn, WI and is crazy for big presentations to match his personality. Adam has competed in the North American Ice Fishing Circuit for 5 years is currently a part of the Lucky Shoes ice fishing team alongside partner Lucas Oppeneer. Go big or go home is not just a phrase uttered by some, but a way of life on the ice for this seasoned pro.

The waters of north central Wisconsin are home to a lot of great fishermen. One of those happens to be the owner of Black Widow Custom Rods, Jordon Doran from Wausau, WI.  Jordon has been ice fishing since the age of 2 when his father got him hooked on the sport of a jig pole and a hole in the ice, and plans to start fishing competitively during the 2014-2015 ice fishing season.  His home bodies of water stretch from Lake Alice threw Lake Mohawskin, and up the Jersey City Flowage. Almost every weekend from first ice till last you can find Jordon chasing down some bruiser gills and slab crappies.